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business city flamenco-park

St.Petersburg / Russland

Project idea: The building complex consist of two elements: Flamenco park and Business centre towers. The Park is created on the roof of the community cultural center. A large green stepped roof curved like a hill rises in the north and the south of the 4,7 hectares site. It creates two public spaces: cultural centre, restaurants, fitness centre, exhibitions, shopping and parking under the vault roof, and one fully accessible public plaza with attractions and water spaces on the curved roof.
The two 41-storey skyscrapers contain the exhibition space and restaurants (ground floor and the 1st floor), offices (2-29 floor), residential areas (30-36 floor) and luxury hotels (37-40 floor). The towers react to the surroundings and to each other, to give optimum views at every level.
The design for the Dancing Towers is inspired by flamenco. The subtle rotation of the towers creates the illusion that they are dancing, gracefully propelled by the dancer’s movements.
Each tower will be pierced on two sides by an atrium space, which will allow us to create a terrace on every floor with evergreen gardens, cozy cafes, and spas. Solar panels will be integrated into the glass-bearing constructions. Deicing systems will be installed on facades and balconies. The towers are engineered as entire eco-systems, a model for future sustainable urban development.

Projekt Details

Bauherr: IGP GmbH

Ort: St.Petersburg

Groesse: BGF 198 800 m2

Programm: Büro, Wohnen, Restaurant, Museum, Ausstelungen, Parking

Auszeichnungen: BRA Diplom "Zodchestvo" 2013, 2.Preis "Zolotaya Kapitel" 2013, Audience Award "Eurasian Prize" 2012