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Samara / Russland

Das Team: Dmitry Boykov, Paul Moor

Project idea: The main idea of ​​the project is to transform a coastal industry land of the ZIM factory in a modern residential resort, with public urban entertainment, shopping, business center, and a remarkable strong sign on the Samaras Volga-coast. The buildings on the coast must imitate the appearance of waves, boats and the mountains in the background.
It is a complex built at the heart of a residential and commercial complex designed to be a resort where Samara citizens may find everything they need on site. The 4 wave shaped buildings act as a giant entrance.
The zone of a housing estate in order to avoid noise discomfort is placed on considerable distance from New-garden street. Between this highway and inhabited quarters is situated a municipal zone on which will be located shopping centre, business centre, the educational centre, parkhouse for a parking of personal motor transport, and also the public centre with functions of management, cultural and community service, youth leisure and sports, health services. The educational centre including preschool institutions and schools, is placed out of inhabited groups, in immediate proximity from Volga region State college and the Samara Instrument-making technical school, forming an original educational campus.

Projekt Details

Bauherr: Delta-Stroy Samara

Ort: Samara

Groesse: gesamte NF 1.193.000 m2

Programm: Wohnen, Einkaufen, Business, Restaurants, Museums, Ausstelungen

Auszeichnungen: 1.Preis "Eurasian Prize" 2014, 2.Preis internationales Wettbewerb 2014