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Forschungszentrum HHN / Gaskugel

Heilbronn / Deutschland

"Gas holder" / Science Research and Educational Centre of HHN Heilbronn University.

Gas holder‘s reconstruction and adaptation for the scientific, educational and cateringfunctions in Heilbronn / Germany

Project idea: Under large green stepped roof curved like a hill, the space beneath houses will the Science Research and Educational Centre. A sphere, the symbol of technology, pierces the building and the landscape. The gas holder will be adapted to catering and leisure functions: a 3D cinema, a museum of technology, an exhibit room. There will be open air cinema, performances on the roof. On the south side of the sphere will be installed solar collectors. We will take advantage of the know-how of the customer, the leader of innovations in the field of renewed energy.

Projekt Details

Bauherr: Ralf Klenk

Ort: Heilbronn

Groesse: BGF 6.900 m2

Programm: Labore, Auditorien, Menza, Restaurant, Museum, Ausstelungen

Auszeichnungen: 2.Preis "Zolotaya Kapitel" 2014, Silver Award "Zodchestvo" 2013, BRA Diplom "Zodchestvo" 2013, 2.Preis "Eurasian Prize" 2012